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smxnow.com, the pioneer of news sources in India operates under the philosophy of keeping its readers informed. SMXNow.com tells the story of India and it offers fresh, compelling content that’s useful and informative for its readers. SMXNow.com delivers the latest updates on national and international issues with photo, audio and video. SMXNow.com strives to be very accurate by leaving no stone unturned as it digs into the heart of every story on the local as well as international level.

Besides its comprehensive news coverage and updates every hour, SMXNow.com offers a wide range of extraordinary insights on topics ranging from politics, sports,education to entertainment.

Employing a vast network of strategically positioned correspondents all over India, SMXNow.com is at the forefront of every breaking news story that matters most to the common man of India.

With a dedicated team, we are here for you, and would always like to connect with our readers, have a conversation, criticization, and gradually assist you to gain what you wish. So, if you have got anything on your mind and if it is associated with Tech, don’t hesitate even a moment to contact us. We’ll strive our maximum to reply back your queries and assist you most sincerely and efficiently of our limit.

Our Team :- 

SMX Shubham Mohare – Chief Editor / Manager

A late bloomer but an early learner, Shubham likes to be honestly biased. Though fascinated by the far-flung corners of the galaxy, He doesn’t fancy the idea of humans moving to Mars. Francisca is a Contributing Author for SMXNow.com. Be it mobile devices, laptops, etc. he brings his passion for technology wherever he goes. Email:               [email protected]

Ayush Randive – Senior Journalist

Ayush Randive is the man who loves to learn new skills and technology. He is always cure for for new ideas. Now work with SMX for new evolution.He Loves to write about the Entertainment, World and New Technology Development around the Globe. It’s always interesting to watch what he posts. Ayush keeps thing very, very interesting indeed.   Email: [email protected]

Nikhil Kumar – Senior Editor

Nikhil is our Tech wiz. He loves to research the latest of the tech world and is great getting to the heart of what’s going on in that arena. At times we need to put a damper on his opinions as they might come off a little strong. “NOT” Keep it rolling Nikhil, we love your thoughts and insight. Email: [email protected]