Akshay Kumar starts shooting in Lockdown 4 after COVID 19

The film industry has come to a standstill since March 24 due to the Corona virus lockdown. The studios are empty. The cameras are off and the actors are sitting in the houses. However, after Lockdown 4, the train is expected to return slowly. Meanwhile, on Monday, Akshay Kumar appeared on the sets at Mumbai’s Kamalistan Studio with director R Balki. During this time, the pictures of the set are telling how the picture of the set is going to be until the circumstances are normal after lockdown.

As per PTI report, Akshay and R Balki have shot a campaign for the Health Ministry on the responsibilities after the lockdown. During this time, the team took full care of the security, the glimpse of which is also seen in the pictures. Everyone wore masks. Body temperature checked. Before entering the set, people had to go through the existing sanitizer machine there. Also the shooting involved at least the crew.

Balki says – What will be the responsibilities of all of us after lockdown, this is the edict of the Ministry of Health on this subject. We have to start the work again, but also take care of security with it. Social distancing, sanitizing outdoor sets, infection prevention screens and masks. We get used to these protocols within a few minutes. Very few crew and strict protocol was followed.

R Balki has previously made films like Padman and Mission Mangal with Akshay Kumar. Balki said that producer Anil Naidu told us how shooting can be done, at least with people following the rules. Earlier we had obtained permission related to the police. We had to do this because an important message has to be given.

The release of many films has also been postponed due to the lockdown. These include Akshay’s Suryavanshi, which was to be released on 24 March only. The day when the first lockdown was announced. However, before that, director Rohit Shetty had announced to postpone the release of the film.

Akshay Kumar joins work before lockdown ends. Khiladi Kumar was shooting at Kamalistan studio in Mumbai on Monday. He was shooting for an awareness campaign. R. Balki was in charge of managing the campaign. Akshay set the trend by setting foot in the shooting area first of all in Bollywood.

The content of this ad is how we should be after the lockdown and how much caution we should follow. R Balki and Akshay made this advertisement for the Ministry of Health. This advertisement was made by a handful of people. Countless people were also present on the shooting floor. Everyone came to the shooting floor after the mask. Work has been done while maintaining social distance, all kinds of security measures have been taken.

What to keep in mind when joining work after a lockdown, that was the content of this ad. Balki and his shooting members had a hard time remembering so many things when they started shooting. Repeated hand sanitizing, maintaining distance … was a bit of a problem but became a habit shortly after the shooting started, said Balki. Here’s how to follow the rules on the shooting floor.

The entire crew underwent a medical check-up after the shooting was over. Everyone is healthy. If it is possible in this project but in all other cases it will be possible, now look at it.


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