Accident is reported from BMW car in East of Kailash, Delhi. In this, 4 people are being injured. This woman was driving a car. The woman said in a statement to the police that she was eating ice cream while sitting inside the car, when the dog jumped. Because of this, the gear of the vehicle changed and the car went on. After this, 4 people came in the grip of the car and were injured.

On the night of 31 July, at 10:17 am, the Amar Colony Police got information that an accident has happened in East of Kailash. When the police team reached the spot, they found a BMW car, a motorcycle and an ice cream hare in an accident. On the spot, the police got information that 4 people who were injured have been sent to different hospitals. On the spot, the police found Roshni Arora, the driver of the car, who was later arrested by the police after registering an FIR. Police has registered an FIR in this case under sections 279 and 337 of IPC. Later, the accused driver got bail.

According to the police, a total of 4 people were hurt in this accident. In this, a person named Mukesh Kumar got hurt in the leg, while a woman named Sapna Kumari got injured on the right leg knee in the accident. Guddu, who runs an ice cream hairdo, was injured in the accident on the knee of his left leg and a person named Harshit Kumar, his left ankle is injured. Police has registered a case on the complaint of injured Mukesh in the FIR. The complainant says that when he was buying ice cream, the car hit them all. At present the investigation of the case is going on.

Police say that the car has been confiscated and they have also conducted a medical test of the accused driver. Tests revealed that the driver was not drunk during the accident. Alcohol is not found in the investigation. The driver of the car told the police during interrogation that he has a boutique in Prakash Mohalla of East of Kailash. Roshni Arora, the female driver, told the police that before the accident, she was sitting in the car and eating ice cream, when her dog jumped inside the car and the gear of the car changed and it happened.


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