Aircraft crash in Kozhikode, Kerala, celebs mourn on Twitter

After the Kozhikode plane crash, the accident occurred in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi on Saturday. The Air Asia aircraft (i5-632) going from Ranchi to Mumbai collided with the bird. All passengers are safe. This incident is at 11:50 am.

It is being told that this aircraft crashed into the bird at Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi. Ready to take off, this bird crashed into the plane. Because of this the take-off of the aircraft was canceled. This Air Asia aircraft was about to start its flight from the runway. During this time, the bird crashed into the plane.

Kozhikode airport’s runway was not safe, DGCA also warned

At the moment, officials said the plane was investigated after the incident. After getting the approval after investigation, this plane will fly. Air Asia said in a statement that for us the safety of passengers and crew members is the first priority. Sorry for the delay in service. At the same time, passengers were seen waiting for their flight due to this incident at Ranchi Airport.

Corona entry in Kozhikode plane crash, one passenger positive who died

The incident of bird-hitting at Ranchi Airport occurred at a time when an Air India Express flight crashed in Kozhikode, Kerala on Friday. In this, 18 passengers including the pilot were killed. This plane coming from Dubai fell into the ditch crossing the runway. There were two parts of the aircraft in it.

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