Singer Rahul Vaidya was the runner-up of ‘Bigg Boss 14’. She faced Rubina Dilac in the final stage of the finale of the show. However, he lost to Rubina at this stage. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Rahul said that his mother and girlfriend Disha Parmar are very disappointed with this defeat. However, defeat-winning for them is a part of the reality show. Also, Rahul has shared many things related to the show.

A bit sad for my mother
when host Salman Khan named Rubina, I was happy for her. However, a little sad for my mother. She was sitting in front of me hoping for my victory and I feel that she has regretted me more. I am used to reality shows; if someone wins, then someone loses. There is regret for the mother as well as for her fans. They too will be looking forward, I will definitely talk to them. I will also sit and talk to my mother.

The direction from my defeat was
also a bit disheartened. His eyes had also become moist, his face had also become very small. I am surprised to see that I am fine in spite of my defeat, but it has more impact on my family members. My mother and direction are more upset than me. They were probably fighting from outside and I from inside. Looks bad seeing them.

I consider myself unlucky and
‘Bigg Boss 14’ has never been made by me and Rubina. Never thought that I would be my last match with them. However, I am sure that people had already guessed that we would face each other till the end of the game. The outside world is completely different and that’s why I hadn’t thought about it at all. Believe me, not even once in my mind till the last moment did I think that I will not win. I always thought that I would win. However, it is a matter of votes, sometimes less is more. To be honest, I consider myself unlucky.

This show proved to be a ‘life changer’ for me,
‘Bigg Boss’ has given me a different identity. So happy that I decided to come on this show. A lot has been learned in this entire journey. Do not know how many days or months its memories will be fresh. It would not be wrong to say that this show has proved to be a ‘life changer’ for me.

If I am lost, then I accept it with Grace.
Some people believe that when I came out of the house one week, it had become my weakness. However, I do not believe this. Those who love you will not think that I came out of the house for a week. Gauhar Khan also came, though she won the show. I believe that people watch your entire journey and then disarm the winner. I and Rubina were running ‘neck to neck’ in terms of votes, just Rubina’s pan got a little heavier than me. I have always learned one thing ‘Win with Dignity and Loose with Grace’, so today if I lose, I will accept it with Grace.

Whenever I meet
Rubina, I will talk to her very well, Rubina and I have promised each other that what happened in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ will remain in that house. We are not both people who would like to take out negativity. There is no family rivalry between each other. We were at a game show, there had been some misunderstandings, which grew as the game progressed. Now I have no complaints about them and now if they ever meet me, I will talk to them very well.


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