Contestant Pawandeep Covid positive after host Aditya Narayan, gave performance with Rekha last weekend

Corona has expanded on the set of ‘Indian Idol 12’. After host Aditya Narayan, Pawandeep Rajan, who is among the most popular contestants, has also become Kovid positive. According to reports, Pawandeep, who hails from Uttarakhand, has been quarantined in a hotel in Mumbai and is in self-isolation. Last week, 66-year-old evergreen actress Rekha arrived as a guest on the show and Pawandeep gave a long performance with her.

Will perform virtually in the show

According to the report, Pawandeep will give his performance virtually in the upcoming episode. “Most of the Indian Idol contestants are in a kind of bio bubble due to rising corona cases in Maharashtra. The risk factor has increased,” a report was quoted as saying by sources. It is being told that Pawandeep isolated himself and got him tested as soon as he felt the symptoms of Kovid.

No symptoms in the rest of the contestants

After the arrival of Pawandeep positive, other contestants, judges and crew members of the show have also been investigated. Everyone’s report may come soon. The concern of the Indian Idol team has increased since Pawandeep got infected. But no other Contestant has seen its symptoms. So it is expected that all the reports will be negative. Pawandeep is also fine and he is expected to return to the set soon.

Aditya got infected last weekend

Indian Idol host Aditya Narayan had reported on social media last Saturday that he and his wife Shweta Aggarwal have become Kovid positive. The next day, Aditya’s father and veteran playback singer Udit Narayan had told that he was hospitalized. Udit had said, “Aditya has admitted himself to the hospital. He may have gone to quarantine himself. Now he is fine.” In the absence of Aditya, the host of ‘Indian Idol’ is headed by Jai Bhanushali.


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