The Income Tax (IT) department raided the house of Tapsee Pannu and Anurag Kashyap on Wednesday. In the raids conducted by the department, the tax evasion of about 370 crores has been revealed. Kangana Ranot’s reaction has now come to light on this raid of IT. Kangana has targeted Tapsee and Anurag by sharing many posts on social media. He also said that thieves are thieves.

Kangana shared the post and wrote, “Those who are thieves, they are only thieves. Those who want to sell the motherland and cut it, they are only traitors. And those who support the traitors, they are also thieves. , Because thieves are thieves, and that makes thieves scared, it is Narendra Modi, not an ordinary human being. ”

There is a big deal of black money,
Kangana wrote, “These people are not just taxish, but a huge transaction of black money. Did these people get this money to incite Shaheenbagh riots or Republic Day violence? There is no account of where the black money came from and where it was sent. ”

These are not just taxidermists. The
actress wrote in the next post, “Every minute the numbers are increasing, it’s just the money that has got a clue. One might wonder what the real numbers of money laundering can be. Pieces in Bollywood The gang terrorism racket is being exposed, they are not just terrorists but terrorists. ”

Kangana wrote, “The people of Kwan Agency and Phantom Production House were the prime accused in many of the rape charges and cases during the ‘Meetu Campaign’. But, Bollywood had saved them. People like Anurag Kashyap are not only accused of rape, Rather, he had also tried to justify Sushant’s death. ”

Kangana, who is now Bollywood’s number one after all the rapists , said, “No woman’s curse ever goes in vain. Today, all the rapists were caught in Lanka. Many Victims voiced against ‘Phantom Films’ and kwan, but they disappeared overnight. It has been done and Bollywood has put these poor people in their eyes. But today all the rapists have got Lanka and now it is Bollywood’s number. ”


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