Parveer Babi was a famous actress in the 70s. At that time there was no such film in Hindi cinema that did not have Parveen. Parveen Babi gave many great films in her career. Even he started the trend of wearing glamorous clothes in films. Her image in the film industry was of a bold actress. Between 1976 and 80, she was on the list of the most expensive actress in the industry. But the mystery of his death still remains. Some say she was mad, and some say that she committed suicide. Today Monday Flashback tells you about the dangerous The End of Mahesh Bhatt and Parveen Babi’s love story …

In fact, she was as lonely as she was in her life on the silver screen. Apart from Mahesh Bhatt, Parveen also had an affair with Danny and Kabir Bedi. But his love story with Mahesh Bhatt had a painful end. In an interview to ‘Filmfare’, Mahesh Bhatt revealed many secrets about his and Parveen’s relationship. He also expressed grief over his death. Mahesh Bhatt also made the film to pay tribute to Parveen.

When Parveen fell in love with Mahesh Bhatt, she was at the peak of her career. But Mahesh was already married. In 1977, when the love of both of them rose, Mahesh left his wife and started living with Parveen in Live Inn. Despite the opposition, it was impossible to separate the two. For Mahesh, Parveen lived like an ordinary girl at home. It was two years of their relationship.
In 1979, Mahesh Bhatt suddenly came to know of a truth that blew his senses. One day when Mahesh returned home, he saw that Parveen is sitting in a corner of the house wearing a costume of the film, she had a knife in her hand. On seeing Mahesh, Parveen gestured to her to keep quiet. After this Parveen said, ‘Don’t talk, there is someone in the room. They are trying to kill me. ‘ For the first time Parveen had done something that left Mahesh badly shaken. A few days after showing him to the doctors, he learned that he had a mental illness called schizophrenia.

Mahesh Bhatt got him treated by good doctors. Despite all the treatment, Parveen’s disease was not being named. Seeing such a situation of Parveen, he was kept locked in the room. He had to be kept away from the eyes of media and public. Parveen’s condition was very critical. He had stopped eating medicines. At the last moment, Parveen Babi was so lonely that no one wanders close. When she turned 56, she could not even get up. On 20 January 2005, he died at home alone. The corpse kept rotting on the bed for three days. When bread-milk was not removed from the door, someone reported to the police. Then people got information about his death.

About Sushant, Mukesh Bhatt has said in an interview that he met Sushant some time back. At that time, he felt that he was upset and Parveen started walking towards Babi. They had said- I was aware that they are taking help of a doctor. Then I was not so close to him. I was just worried that it seemed a bit lost. After this statement, Mukesh Bhatt was heavily trolled on social media.

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