The entire Bollywood has been divided into two factions since the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case. On the one hand there are those who support nepotism and on the other hand those who believe nepotism to be wrong. Recently Neha Dhupia and Suchitra Krishnamurthy clashed on the issue of discrimination in Bollywood on Twitter.

Suchitra said that Chamchagiri is a bigger problem than nepotism in Bollywood. He said this while targeting Karan Johar’s good friend Neha Dhupia. He wrote on Twitter, “Friends, Bollywood needs to be voiced more than nepotism. I don’t understand why Neha Dhupia got so many talk shows except the reason that she is Karan Johar’s new best friend. And Femina is Miss India 2002. “

“He doesn’t even have any blood relatives in the industry.” Suchitra wrote – Shakti has become corrupt. Completely corrupt, in every sense. Be it Bollywood, or politics or something. Dimensions may vary. High-minded, drunk with arrogance and power, cannot differentiate between right and wrong. I would like to say just two words. om Shanti.”

In response to Suchitra’s many such questions, Neha wrote, “Dear mam, this is probably the most ridiculous and most insulting tweet I’ve ever read to end a friendship of many years. That tells you a lot about things I don’t know, that’s why you are speaking as much as you know. I am proud to move forward on my own. I am a proud, wife, daughter and mother. And I highly respect the women who Can understand the point. “

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