Puneet dragged Suraj Pancholi's name in Disha case, now said - share my video

Since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, there has been a debate in Bollywood about nepotism. Actor Punit Vashisht, who has openly expressed his opinion on this issue many times, told in a special conversation with Aaj Tak that it was a big mistake to forward a post against Disha Salian.

I made a big mistake

Puneet said- Yes, I just want to say that I made a mistake. I did not think that people would take this thing with me so seriously and the matter would increase so much. That was a forwarded message I posted. I made a big mistake. I want to say once again through you that if anyone has been hurt due to my post, then forgive me. I did not even know the direction. After Sushant’s death, after three or four days, I came to know that there is a girl named Disha. And speaking of Suraj Pancholi, I would say that all this was my ignorance. I made that post foolishly. My fight is only against nepotism. Why would I mess with someone else.

Case against Puneet ?

Regarding the registration of a case against him, Puneet told- See all this is nonsense. Nobody calls me nor am I a criminal. On the matter of defamation, my fans also told me that the post was an extended post which is not valid. Anyway, everyone has the freedom to say what he wants. All these people are trying to turn the issue. But I will continue my fight. Whenever there is a need, I will come in front of the media and keep my point.

“I too could become a Sushant”

Punit Vashist said – I have no enmity with anyone. I just want to say that I too could become a Sushant Singh Rajput. I lived in Mumbai so survived. I am a talented actor. Acting, dance, action, everything comes to me. I have taught dance to Shahrukh. And those who are targeting me today, know well that I am not afraid of anyone. My fight is with this system and nepotism which I will keep fighting.

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