Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty has filed a police complaint against a production company in Mumbai. He alleges that this production company named M / S Balaji Media Films Private Limited is trying to earn money by using his photo in the film’s poster. Actually, on Wednesday, this company released the poster of the film named ‘Vinita’, in which Sunil Shetty’s face is also visible. According to Sunil Shetty, he has not signed any such film.

Exploitation of this artist: Sunil Shetty

In a statement, Sunil Shetty said, “I do not know whose film it is or who is producing it. Nor have I signed any such film. It is openly exploiting an artist. They are looking for my name and photo. Trying to earn money by using it. These kinds of things tarnish my image. So I had to take a decision to complain to the police. ”

Production company gave clarification

The production company has given clarification on Sunil Shetty’s charge. The company’s manager Ranveer Singh admitted that he was casting for two films, admitting his mistake. To check the look, he made posters of Sunil Shetty and Bobby Deol, which were leaked on social media. According to Singh, at the moment he has removed the posters. Singh also said in his statement that he did not use Sunil Shetty’s face with the intention of earning money.

No FIR has been registered yet

The complaint has been lodged at the Versova Police Station. Senior Inspector Siraj Honest said here, “We have received a complaint. But no FIR has been lodged nor anyone has been called for questioning. We are investigating now.”


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