The family of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, in a protest against the allegations made on the basis of the notes shown by Riya, has hinted that the actor did not write the diary, but rather through his fans via Instagram Used to communicate Sushant’s family has said that Sushant used to communicate with his fans through Instagram. He has said that maybe Riya has not noticed this thing even once.

Sushant’s family also said that Sushant never posted a picture of Riya in the last one year. As far as the sister is concerned, Sushant posted it for his sister and brother-in-law. He posted this on 25 May and it was posted by Sushant in response to a strange post to his gratitude.

Let us know that Riya has recently shared Sushant’s Gratitude List in his efforts to prove his innocence. Riya also claimed that she has only this diary in the name of Sushant’s property and property, on which Sushant wrote about him and his family. Riya claims that Sushant has handwriting in the diary.

This was revealed in Riya-Sushant’s WhatsApp chat, she was angry with her sister!

Riya shared the page of Sushant’s diary, said- I just have her sipper

The actor wrote his name in the diary

If you see the photo of this diary, you will know that the writer has told in it that he is grateful for his life. Also thankful to find Lilu, Bebu, Sir, Mam and Fudge. Riya has told India Today, ‘This is Sushant’s handwriting. Lillu is Shovik. Bebu, I am, sir, is my father and ma’am is my mother. Also Fudge is the name of Sushant’s dog. Riya has shared this page of her diary through her lawyer.

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