The administration is active at all levels in view of the Bhoomi Pujan program for construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya on August 5. Ayodhya administration is also showing strictness regarding the corona virus epidemic.

All efforts are being made to stop the corona in Ayodhya. District Collector Anuj Kumar Jha said, ‘Kovid-19 is completely under control in Ayodhya. We have a thousand beds. Out of this, only 300 beds are filled. We are all set. He said that in the last 10 days we have increased the rate of corona test significantly. There were 500 tests per day. Now more than two thousand tests are being done everyday.

Anuj Kumar Jha said, we are aggressively trying to stop Kovid-19. Earlier the tests were decreasing but now we have increased the rate of the test so that more people can be tested and isolated. He said that our effort is to test all those who are working in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex. We have tested everyone.

The District Magistrate said that those who will be posted in or around VIP duty. Their tests have been done. Tests have been carried out on the priest, his assistant priest as well as the employees of the zone so that there is no scope of infection.

The District Magistrate said that Uttar Pradesh Government and Ayodhya Administration are also following protocol and guidelines strictly. We have scope to give permission with some condition and we will allow this program with the appropriate condition. About 200 people will attend the event. The trust is deciding who will come. But not a very large number. We hope that the Prime Minister will be in the program for 1 hour.

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