The number of patients infected with the corona virus in the country is increasing daily. Its speed can be gauged from this that more than 50 thousand new cases of corona are coming up at the national level every day. At the same time, the number of corona infected in Uttar Pradesh has also crossed the figure of 1 lakh.

In Uttar Pradesh, the number of corona infected has been 1,00,310. According to, there are 41,222 active cases of corona in UP. At the same time, 57,271 corona-infected patients have recovered after treatment, which have been discharged from the hospital. So far 1817 patients have died due to corona in Uttar Pradesh.

So far 26,23,260 sample corona tests have been done in Uttar Pradesh. The rate of patients recovering from corona infection in the state is 57.1%. In terms of cities, there are cases of 4,638 in Lucknow, 3,845 in Kanpur, 1,894 in Prayagraj and 1,651 in Bareilly.

On Tuesday, 20 new corona cases were found in Varanasi, while 2 died. The number of active corona patients in Varanasi district is 1484. Out of 105 reports received from BHU lab, 20 new corona infected patients were confirmed. Thus the total corona patients in Varanasi district has increased to 3252. At the same time, 1700 corona patients have been healthy and discharged from the hospital. So far 68 people in the district have lost their lives due to Corona.

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