For the past few weeks, a part of the growing corona cases worldwide is being recorded in India. By leaving Brazil behind, India has now become the second country in the world with the most corona cases. It also means that some states of India are now competing with the most affected countries of the world.

For this analysis, the corona data for Indian states is taken from “” and international data from Johns Hopkins University Center for System Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE). The population of India is estimated from the data of the National Population Commission 2020 of the Ministry of Health, while the population estimates of other countries are based on the data from the United Nations in 2019.

Statistics testify that India is responsible for a large number of new cases in the world this week – one-fourth. But some Indian states are competing with the most affected countries of the world in terms of new cases daily.

If Indian states are considered as one country, then many of these states are now reaching the most affected countries of the world. If we consider these states as countries, then there are seven of these states which are included in the 20 countries with the most new cases. Out of the 10 countries with the most new cases, 4 Indian states are involved.

On July 27, Maharashtra (7,924 new cases), Tamil Nadu 6,993), Andhra Pradesh (6,051) and Karnataka (5,324) were among the 10 worst-ranked countries in the world, considering Indian states as a country. Even worse than Mexico which is big in terms of population. On 27 July, Maharashtra alone accounted for 3.5 percent of the total new cases.

If the states of India were a country, then nine states would have been included in the 50 most affected countries in the world in terms of the number of corona cases. In such a situation, Maharashtra would have been at the seventh position.

However, in the case of corona mortality, the condition of many countries is very bad. Only Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal are the states where the death rate can be compared to the 20 most affected countries. There have been around 14,000 deaths in Maharashtra. In terms of actual number of deaths, Maharashtra is the only state that can be compared to the 20 most affected countries.

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