The number of people caught in the corona virus in the country is increasing daily. The pace of corona infection can be gauged by the fact that more than 50 thousand cases of infected patients are coming in the country every day. In the last 24 hours 54,736 patients have been confirmed corona infected in the country.

According to the Health Ministry report, the number of corona infected patients in India has crossed 1.7 million. The number of corona infected patients has increased to 17,50,723 in the country. There are 5,67,730 active cases in them.

Good thing will be said that so far 11,45,630 corona infected patients in the country have recovered after treatment, who have been discharged from the hospital. So far, 37,364 patients have died due to Corona’s grip.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), till August 1, 1,98,21,831 samples have been examined across the country. This includes 4,63,172 samples tested on Saturday.

Please tell that the corona virus has spread to far-flung areas. Statistics show that in the last three months, the number of districts with more than 1,000 corona cases has increased from five to 206. Experts warn that an all-India sero-survey needs to be done to estimate the extent of the spread.

Looking at the district-wise data of about corona, it is being known that this deadly virus is spreading rapidly in most districts of the country. Corona figures show that so far this epidemic has engulfed almost every district of the country. By the end of February, only three districts had registered cases of corona, but by the end of April, the corona virus spread to 450 districts.

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