Coronavirus Test: Do not be afraid of corona infection, get the test

New Delhi Corona infection tests are being done on a large scale in the country. Now the private lab has also been allowed to take the test, so people fearfully want to get the test done already. However, there is no need to have a test until the symptoms are revealed. Those who are coming in contact with corona infected patients or have to come to the infected areas in some way, they should get the test done in advance, but those who are in the homes and have not come in contact with anyone, they should be corona An infection test is not required.

If you have fever, cold and cough, go to the hospital directly and seek medical help. It is not right to take any kind of medicine by yourself. Also, if you are feeling uncomfortable for a few days, then see a doctor. If a family member turns out to be Corona positive, then other members should also be screened. Similarly, hospitals, medical store operators and employees should also undergo tests. There are two ways to test for corona infection. Molecular test to identify the genetic material of the virus and second, the antigen test, in which the surface proteins of the virus are examined. Results in the antigen test come quickly but are considered slightly less accurate. It takes up to a few days for the results of the molecular test to occur, but the correct percentage of infection comes.

Infection may also occur a second time: There are reports that many patients, who have been infected with Corona virus before, become infected again. Till now it was understood that this is a disease occurring only once in life. Antibodies are prepared in the body of those who are cured, which form a shield against the virus and do not allow the virus to take effect again.

Now due to the unpredictable behavior of the virus, there is a perception that it can attack again upon repeated exposure. In fact, antibodies are produced in the body of patients infected with corona virus, which gives immunity for some time, but no expert knows how long the antibodies in a patient’s body can maintain immunity.

Pathologist Dr. Alok Singh Chauhan said that in such cases, patients who have once been cured of corona virus infection, should also make all efforts to avoid infection again. It is better to clear this misconception that once you have corona, you cannot fall prey to it again. Therefore, all the standards of safety should be recommended by doctors.



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