Coronavirus updates: Corona mortality in India is the lowest in the world, currently 1.93 percent

Coronavirus updates: Corona mortality in India is the lowest in the world, currently 1.93 percent

The impact of the all-out war against the Corona epidemic is clearly visible. Due to this infection in the country, there has been a steady decline in mortality and currently it has come down to 1.93 percent. India is one of the countries with the lowest death rate from Corona. However, the infection is also spreading rapidly and with more than 63 thousand new cases, the total infectious population has reached close to 2.6 million. The death toll from this epidemic has also reduced to just under 50 thousand. 

According to the data released by the Union Health Ministry at 8 am on Sunday, 63,490 new cases have been reported during the last 24 hours and the number of infected has increased to 25 lakh 89 thousand 682. During this period, 53,322 patients have been cured and the number of healthy people has also reached 18 lakh 62 thousand 258. The active cases remain at 6 lakh 77 thousand 444. At the same time, 49,980 people have also died so far. 

50 thousand deaths in 156 days in India

According to the ministry, the death toll from Corona in the US took 23 days to reach 50 thousand, it took 95 days in Brazil, 141 days in Mexico and 156 days in India. The death rate in India is 1.93 percent, which is less than the global average. The death rate in the US from Corona is 3.19 per cent, 3.33 per cent in Brazil, 10.89 per cent in Mexico and 14.98 per cent in Britain. The recovery rate of patients in India has been around 72 percent. 

So far 2.93 crore samples tested

The Health Ministry said that a total of seven lakh 46 thousand 608 samples were tested on Monday to detect corona infection. Together, two crore 93 lakh 9 thousand 703 samples have been tested so far. Corona is currently being tested in 1,469 laboratories. It has 969 government and 500 private laboratories. 

Highest deaths in Maharashtra

According to the Health Ministry, 944 people have lost their lives during the last 24 hours. This includes 322 deaths in Maharashtra, 127 in Tamil Nadu, 114 in Karnataka, 87 in Karnataka, 58-58 in Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, 40 in Punjab and 19 in Gujarat. Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths, 19,749, Tamil Nadu 5,641, Delhi 4,188, Karnataka 3,831 and Gujarat 2,562.

70 percent deaths due to serious diseases

The Health Ministry has said that more than 70 percent of those who died due to corona virus infection were already suffering from serious diseases. 


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