COVID-19: Even after being healthy, the risk of corona virus remains for three months

COVID-19 America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that no such case has yet been reported in which a healthy person has been reinfected  after infection with the corona virus. America’s top health body has said that low-level viruses remain in the body for about three months after the disease is first diagnosed in cured people. However such people cannot give viruses to others. This is the reason why people get positive in the investigation during three months. The CDC has stated this on the basis of 15 different international studies.

No re-infection confirmed: The CDC has said that there has been no reported case of any person being re-infected with the virus. The CDC’s saying this may put an end to the possibilities in which re-infection among people is common.

Ten days can be given leave: CDC has said that a person who has mild or moderate symptoms can come out of isolation 10 days after first coming positive. Whereas people with severe symptoms need to be kept in isolation for a maximum of 20 days. According to the CDC, available data so far indicate that patients with low and moderate symptoms remain contagious for up to 10 days after they first turn positive. On the other hand, people with serious illness are not contagious beyond 20 days.

Slow-end effects after illness: SARS-COV-2 RNA can appear in upper respiratory samples up to three months after becoming ill in healthy individuals. However, during the course of the disease, its effect gradually decreases. Especially in cases when replication competent viruses (those that can replicate and propagate) have not been recaptured and are unlikely to be infectious. The CDC has stated that studies have not found evidence that viral RNA in a medically recovered person can alter SARS COV-2 for others.

Summary of 15 studies: The CDC has stated that its recommendations are based on 15 international and published studies in the US. These studies were associated with the risk of increased infection, duration of viral shed, prevalence by people without symptoms, and spread among groups of different patients.

Virus in the body: Although the CDC has not said that immunity has developed in people who are healthy for three months. It has been said that no cases of re-infection have been reported during this time of three months. The CDC says that it is unnecessary to have any person tested during three months. If the test is positive, then it is not a case of re-infection, but it may be due to virus present in the body.

The amount of virus decreases: Researchers have found that the amount of live virus in the nose and throat decreases significantly soon after the symptoms of Kovid-19 develop. The CDC stated that the latest findings have strengthened the case for relying on a symptom-based strategy rather than a test-based strategy to eliminate isolation of infected patients, thereby not isolating individuals who are not contagious. Be kept.


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