State Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray was meeting with all the public representatives and top officials of the district to get control of the increasing number of corona virus patients in Pune district at Vidhan Bhavan in Pune. At the same time, a group claiming to represent the folk artists of the state had come out of Vidhan Bhavan to request the Chief Minister about the problems of the groups of 82 folk artists.

During the conversation with Aaj Tak, the head of this group Satyabhama Amla said that there are 82 folk art groups in the state. There are about 1200 main artists who have been awakening and enlightening the public through folk art in the subject of social, public welfare, women and child welfare for the central and state government for the last 30 years.

According to Satyabhama, at the district and tehsil level, such groups roam from village to village and do public awakening and enlightenment among the public. But in the last four months, due to the lockdown, due to lack of any kind of public awakening and enlightenment work by the government, folk artists are barely able to get bread for two times.

In Pune, these folk artists who reached Vidhan Bhavan with a desire to meet the Chief Minister and submit a request, told Aaj Tak that the government, whether it is from the state or the center, is feeling that they are not worried about the folk artists. And that’s why those artists said that they should be allowed to die.

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