Another coronavirus medicine in India has been approved in New Delhi India. Drug firm Hetero said on Sunday that it was going to launch the investigational antiviral drug Remdesivir for the treatment of Covid-19. For this, the company has received approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI). This drug will be sold in India under the name of ‘Covifor’. The day before, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals received approval to launch a generic version of favipiravir for corona treatment. Glanmark has launched the drug by the name FabiFlu.

Glenmark Gets India Approval For Favipiravir As Covid 19 Treatment Is This Vaccine To Kill Covid-19 In India?

According to the company ‘This drug can prove to be a game changer’, DGCI has approved the use of this drug in the treatment of suspected and confirmed patients of Covid-19. This medicine can be given to seriously ill patients. The company said that ‘Covifor’s approval could prove to be a game changer in view of the increasing cases of corona in India as its clinical outcomes have been positive’. Hetero claims that he is ready to provide this medicine to patients across the country immediately.

The drug Covifor will come in an injection of 100mg, the drug will be available in 100mg of vial (injectable). It has to be intravenously administered to a doctor or health care worker supervision. The company has tied up with Gilead Sciences Inc of the US for this drug to expand the scope of treatment for Covid-19. The chairman of the Hetero Group of Companies said that the company is ready to provide the required stock to meet the need of the moment.

Favipiravir also launched in the market Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has launched Favipiravir as Fabiflu for Covid-19. A strip of 34 tablets will be available for Rs 3,500 i.e. a tablet will cost around Rs 103. However, this drug has been approved to treat patients with mild symptoms of Covid-19. This tablet penetrates the patient’s cells and prevents the virus from copying itself to reduce viral load. Use of this medicine in the initial stage of infection has yielded good results.

More than 1.69 lakh active cases in India The number of corona virus patients across the country has crossed 4 lakh. It is a matter of relief that the number of patients recovering is more than the active cases. There are 1,69,451 active cases in the country while more than 2.22 lakh patients have been cured. Covid-19 has killed 13,254 people across the country so far.


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