Deepika Singh’s mother, who plays Sandhya Bindani in the popular series ‘Dia Aur Bati’, has contracted coronary heart disease. Deepika shared this information while sharing a video on social media. She has also sought help from the Delhi government and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. In the video, Deepika has said that her mother’s treatment is being hampered as her mother did not report her corona test even after she tested positive.

Deepika Singh Help sought through social media from Delhi government
Image Souce: Deepika Singh Instagram

Mother of TV actress Deepika Singh Goyal gave information through social media and sought help from Delhi government. The total infection cases across the country rose to 3,00,519 while the death toll increased to 8,872. Also, 1.52 lakh patients have been cured. At the same time, meanwhile, a video of TV actress Deepika Singh is going viral on social media very fast.

This is my message about seeking help from Delhi government she said “Sir My mother is 59 years old and lives in Delhi with my father and her report today is Corona positive 4 to 5 days before her coronavirus test Had happened, but have not yet seen the report in hand, just told Papa to take a photograph of the same report, they do not even have WhatsApp, we do not have a report in our hands.

No hospital can show them. I am in Mumbai. I feel a little difficult for me to treble from here. My sister Anamika has gone to them on a flight, but she did not even know that the mother’s report came positive because the mother has It was just fever and the test was not coming”

She further says, “I have a big family in Delhi. About 45 people live in this family. Therefore, the family is more likely to be infected with the mother’s coronary heart disease. So please help me ”. Meanwhile, her mother is not ready to admit her to any hospital as there is no space in any hospital in Delhi. Therefore, she has expressed concern that her mother is currently undergoing treatment at home.


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