The cyber cell of the Delhi Police has now devised a technique to remove the evidenced evidence. Suppose, a criminal destroyed CCTV footage and also damaged the hard disk after committing the incident. Then how to get proof? This seemingly impossible task is being carried out in a joke at the National Forensic Lab in Dwarka area, which is run by the Delhi Police’s cyber cell.

During the lockdown, the graph of cybercrime in the capital Delhi has increased rapidly. During the lockdown, people have done a lot of online shopping or transactions. In such a situation, criminals have also done many things to cheat people here. In view of this, for the first time three such methods have been included in the National Cyber ​​Lab at Dwarka, which is amazing.

Retrieving any data from a damaged hard disk is equivalent to finding a needle from a pile of straw. But this work is done in a snap. All it has to do is wear a suit that resembles a PPE kit. Cannot open the magnetic data of any damaged hard disk in the normal environment. To open it, one has to wear a special suit that resembles a PPE kit and go to the clean room environment.

According to cyber lab incharge Vijay Gehlavat, ‘If a particle of sand went into the damaged hard disk, then the hard disk would be finished. Data will not be recovered again. The Clean Room Environment is a specialized environment for this. Due to which the data is recovered, later it is analyzed inside the lab.

Police often get a damage phone at a place of incident. Now with the development of new technology, the police can easily extract data from a damage phone. In general, broken mobile phone memory cannot be accessed. But there are many different ways to direct read memory in a lab. The mobile analysis wing of the lab can extract deleted data or any deleted history in a pinch.

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If a virus has occurred in a system then it can affect any application of the system. In such a situation, if it is to know where a person has sent the data outside, then it is quite difficult to know it in a normal way. Because the virus may have affected it too. Therefore, all information can be found by fooling the virus through the sandbox environment.

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Cyber ​​Cell DCP Elsewhere Opinion stated, ‘In order to curb the growing cyber crimes, in the National Cyber ​​Lab at Dwarka, Cloud forensics, Network forensic, Cryptoforensic, Memory hard disc forensic, Malware forensics with sand making separate labs of sandbox impossible data. Recovering and giving it to the investigating officer.


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