It has been more than 20 days since the knocking of monsoon in Delhi, but still Delhiis are waiting for the rain. People are suffering from Delhi due to humidity and heat. According to the Meteorological Department, so far Delhi has received 46 percent less rain than normal. This figure is from 1 June to 14 July. This condition is when the monsoon knocked in Delhi ahead of time this year.

Delhi Weather Update

Normally the date of arrival of monsoon in Delhi is June 29, but this time the monsoon knocked on June 25, 4 days ago. Normally 187 mm of rainfall is recorded during this period, but so far only 80 mm has been received.

For the time being, according to the Meteorological Department, Delhi will have to wait a little longer for good rains. Light rain may occur in this week from Thursday evening, but the kind of rain that Delhi people are destined to see during the monsoon, they will have to wait and see.

According to experts, the monsoon has changed its stand and it has moved towards the north, due to which the capital has to see dry weather. This series will continue for the time being.

Although the Meteorological Department believes that in the coming days the evening temperature may fall slightly, with that there is also a possibility of a slight drop in the maximum temperature. At present, the maximum temperature remains around 38 degrees, which can fall to 35 degrees in the coming days. According to the department, there is also a possibility of light rain between 16 to 19 July, during this time the wind will also run and the weather will be better.


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