Amit Sadh made a distance from social media platforms, wrote- My gym sessions posts will not cure people

After Aamir Khan, now actor Amit Sadh of films like ‘Kai Po Chhe’, ‘Sultan’ and ‘Gold’ has made a distance from social media. They have not completely abandoned it. But they will no longer share quotes, photos and videos here. On Wednesday, he shared a post and gave information about this. He wrote, “I am going offline. The recent events made me realize whether I should share my photos and reels. Especially when my city Mumbai and the entire state are under stringent restrictions and the whole country is difficult.” Is undergoing. ”

‘My gym session posts won’t fix anyone?’
Amit further wrote, “I think the posts or reels of my gym session, the stupid things I do, will not cure anyone or entertain anyone. This is not a criticism of anyone. I am personally It seems that the best way to be sensitive about situations is to pray and hope for things to get better. ”

Frustrated for not accepting the seriousness,
Amit Sadh has requested in his post to help those whose salary is in 2 or 3 zeros. He has specifically asked to help daily wage laborers, as these are the most affected people. He writes, “Life must go on even when it starts to burden me. I get frustrated when we don’t accept the seriousness and don’t talk about it. We can’t behave like it’s all right.” Is. It’s an epidemic. ”

Said Fans can connect with direct messaging
Amit wrote to the fans at the end of the post, “Special note for my fans. I am not leaving you guys. You know very well that I will never do this Will. Come to my DM (direct messaging) when you need a conversation, as you always do. I’m here, but won’t post quotes, pictures, and reels. I personally feel it’s my privilege This is not the time to pretend to have gained life. ”


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