Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has given birth to a daughter. Virat Kohli gave this good news on his own on Monday through social media. Since then, people have been sending him greetings and greetings continuously. After hearing this good news, the fans constantly want to know what they have named their daughter.

According to the news, this couple has named their daughter Anvi. It is made up of the names of Anushka and Virat. Tell you what Anvi means.

Anvi is the name of Hinduism and is considered a very auspicious name. Goddess Lakshmi is known by this name. Now that Lakshmi has come to this couple’s house, then why should her name be the same.

Let me tell you that Virat Kohli gave the news of becoming a father to Somva himself on Twitter. He wrote, “We are very happy to tell both of us that we have a daughter here this afternoon. We are deeply grateful for your love and good wishes. Anushka and daughter are both fine. We are feeling lucky for this new chapter of life. We know that you will definitely understand that at this time we all need some privacy. ”

After hearing this news, Bollywood stars are also congratulating Virushka.


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