Rakhi Sawant said goodbye to the show amid the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 14’. He left the show with Rs 14 lakh. During a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Rakhi explained why she had to decide to take Rs 14 lakh. Also, Rakhi also mentioned her husband Ritesh and the problems going on in their marriage.

I will not break anyone’s house to build my house

Rakhi says, “I wanted Ritesh with a lot of heart. I gave him my whole body and mind only when I married him. I have considered him a husband with all my heart and heart and this thing from my mind Not getting out at all. Then I really had no idea that she is married. I am emotionally and mentally tired and now after coming out, I will take a decision on this relationship as soon as possible. To settle my house I will not break anyone’s house. I no longer have the strength to love someone else and settle down again. It hurts to think all this. Now I am completely exhausted. ”

Decided to take 14 lakh rupees for the treatment of mother’s cancer

Rakhi says of Finale’s decision to bid farewell to the show with Rs 14 lakh, “I didn’t want to see myself in the first, second, third runner up. When Ritesh Deshmukh came inside the house and in his hands when 14 When I saw the bag of lacs, I had decided that I needed money. I have no regrets about my decision. My bank balance was zero and my mother has cancer. They need chemotherapy for which I needed money. More than the trophy, I got what I needed and nothing could be better. ”

Left her sorrow behind and entertained people

Regarding the show’s journey, Rakhi says, “My journey has had a lot of ups and downs. People have seen my entertainment but perhaps they don’t know that I have gone through a lot of pain in this house. I am mentally, emotionally, physically everywhere. It was broken, but I was happy inside the show. The makers gave me a responsibility and that was the responsibility of doing the entertainment that I honestly did in the show. Leaving my sorrow behind and entertaining people. Everyday I would say Has not come to show my pain. My job is to entertain and I will do the same. Happy that people liked my work. ”

Rubina really deserved this title

Rakhi expressed her happiness over Rubina’s victory. He said, “I am very happy for Rubina. She really deserved the title. Rahul Vaidya also played the game very well. I am happy for both of them.” In ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Rakhi went as a challenger. His entry on the show was well received by the audience, which also resulted in the TRP chart.


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