Sushant Singh Rajput: IPS officer of Bihar, who arrived in Mumbai to investigate the suicide case, will have to skip quarantine and get his Kovid test done to go back. If the test comes negative then they will be allowed to go. This information is given by BMC.

Explain that the investigation of Sushant case is now in the hands of the CBI and hence the Bihar Police is out of the picture now. BMC says that IPS officer Vinay Tiwari has to go before the completion of the quarantine, then he will have to undergo a Kovid test and if this test comes negative then he will be allowed to go.

BMC Additional Municipal Commissioner P Velarasu has responded to a letter from Patna IG Sanjay Singh. Singh said that Bihar’s IPS officer should be given some leeway, rejecting which Velarasu said that permission cannot be granted in view of the situation of Kovid in Bihar. In his reply, Velarasu has given opinion to Tiwari that he can continue working through the online platform Zoom.

It is written in the letter that in this way it is being assured that even if it is asymptomatic, it will not spread the infection of officer virus. Meetings through video conferencing will confirm that he has not been infected during the physical visit. Tiwari came from Patna to Mumbai on Monday in connection with the FIR filed in Sushant Singh Rajput case.

CBI is investigating the case

He was to monitor the investigation being carried out by the Bihar Police team, the Bihar Police was investigating the case of Sushant’s father being abetted for suicide. But Tiwari was quarantined the same evening by the BMC and he was staying in a guest house in Mumbai. It is to be known that the Central Government has recently given permission for the investigation of Sushant case to the CBI.

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