Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover Interview Web Series Dangerous Release

One of Bollywood’s hottest and romantic couples, Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu will soon be seen on the OTT platform MX Player via the web series Dangerous. While talking with Aaj Tak, Karan-Bipasha not only talked about his web series Dangerous, but also about his personal life.

Question – After the film alone, both of you are going to appear together again in this web series, what is the feeling?

Bipasha – We are right after saying that we both worked together in this web series. I am happy that after marriage we will again appear on the screen and viewers will be able to see our work on digital platform.

Question – Bhushan Patel was the director of the film alone and now the director of this web series is also Bhushan Patel. So what is special about this web series?

Bipasha – See the first thing is that this is not a super natural thriller, it is just a thriller in which I am playing the role of a Scotland Yard detective, so there is something new, different and fun in this series.

Question – Karan, when both of you got married, Bipasha was a Bollywood actress at that time and now she is your wife. So what do you think is the difference between the earlier Bipasha and the now Bipasha?

Karan –ji, there is no difference. Bipasha is still the same as before. A successful Bollywood actress and her way of working is the same. So I cannot do any comparison or complaint about Bipasha. They were still the same as they were before.

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Question – Audience is very much liked by both of you. Then why did you two take so long to work together?

Bipasha – See it was my decision because I have been working since the age of 15. So after marriage, I wanted some time for myself and secondly I had also decided that I will not work only with Karan every time. Meaning I want to work together like a couple, but not every time.

Question – How much is the role of music in your web series Dangerous?

Bipasha – Its music is very good and according to the situation, it is not that if Micah Singh is a producer, then music has been put in the middle without any means, where the songs are needed where the songs are needed.

Question – For the dance reality show Nach Baliye, once again the names of both of you are discussed, then how much truth is there in this?

Bipasha – (Laughs) We both will not dance together but let’s see what happens next.

Question – What is your next plan after the web series Dangerous?

Karan – Right now, both of us will meet you at home (laughs).

Bipasha – Sometimes will be seen on Instagram, I think it is a matter of a few months, it will be a difficult time, we have got this time, we should use it properly, I am paying more attention to my plants these days Yes, I do meditation, earlier I did not cook, but nowadays I also cook,

Karan – Yes, Bipasha makes food very good and decorates it very well.

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