A film star, who often talks about the stars of space, got lost in the stars by spreading the glow of success in his short career in Bollywood. We are talking about Sushant Singh Rajput. When the news of Sushant’s suicide came on 14 June, what fans, what stars and what politics … all were shocked. At the age of 34, a gentle young face full of freshness, full of success and excitement of success from TV screen to cinema. Who can forget this feature of Sushant? No one could believe that such a star could be suicide.

Today, after a month and a half, politics is hot in Patna, 1700 km from Mumbai. Only this issue is discussed from Patna to Delhi and then Mumbai. The matter has reached the Supreme Court. Bihar, facing the double whammy of floods and corona, is moving towards elections but Sushant’s case has become an election focal point. Everyone wants to know why this issue is important for Bihar, why all political parties and leaders are looking to connect themselves with this issue?

‘War of justice for son of Bihar’

Senior journalist Rajesh Raj, knowledgeable in Bihar affairs, considers the case as emotional. He says- “Sushant was a role model for the people of Bihar, especially for the youth. Sushant had made his place in Bollywood without being a godfather. And now the matter is emotional for the people of Bihar. And where there is emotion politics It is natural. That is why all parties and leaders are associating themselves with this matter. “

All the parties came to the ground openly

Earlier, Tejashwi Yadav and Chirag Paswan raised this issue and now BJP is also demanding a CBI inquiry. Even Nitish Kumar has come out in the field in Sushant case and has expressed his support on the intensifying demand for CBI investigation.

There is also a question on the silence of big stars from Bihar on nepotism

Politics in the state is hot but the big stars who went to Bollywood from Bihar are silent. Senior journalist Rajesh Raj says- “Sushant Singh Rajput had no godfather. Sonakshi Sinha has become a big star because her father is Bihari Babu Shatrughan Sinha but Sushant has given a tough fight to the big stars due to his ability, hard work and talent. As a result, Sushant Singh Rajput was targeted. But the silence of all the big Bollywood actors coming from Bihar is surprising. Eminent artists like Prakash Jha, Shatrughan Sinha, Manoj Bajpai, Sonakshi Sinha, Pankaj Tripathi are silent , Which raises many questions. “

Parties want to cash in Sushant both emotionally and castely

Patna journalist Sanjit Narayan Mishra says- “The caste equation has always been important in Bihar elections. Let us say that elections are impossible in Bihar without the caste equation. There are two advantages for the state parties from politicization of Sushant case. , First emotional and second caste. The people of Bihar are still united in Sushant case, which is a better chance for political parties. Sushant Rajput used to come from fraternity, which means five and a half percent of the state is directly connected on this excuse Will go. And perhaps after RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav, now CM Nitish Kumar is also personally taking interest in this matter. That means JDU, BJP, RJD and LJP have now become an important issue for all the four parties. “

Bihar’s youth voters are also the reason behind the emphasis of political parties on Sushant case. Sushant is said to be the son of Bihar, Sushant was a role model for the youth of Bihar. The population of young voters in Bihar is quite high. Only 24 per cent of the 18 to 29-year-old age group are in Bihar.

Try to deflect problems?

By the way, another aspect of political battle is also seen on Sushant. Patna journalist Sanjit Narayan Mishra says- “A section of the state is assuming that the state government has proved to be a complete failure in the cases of Corona and floods, so Sushant’s attempt to turn the mood of the voters towards him There could be a reason behind it. However, now it has to be seen how Sushant becomes an issue in elections and which party is able to cash in on it the most. “

In the midst of the worsening situation of the Corona crisis and floods, the discussion is also intensified on whether or not to hold elections in Bihar. While BJP and JDU are in favor of holding elections in time in October-November, RJD-Congress and even NDA partner LJP are demanding postponement of elections. Now it has to be seen what is the decision of the Election Commission.

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