Coronavirus Pandemic Lavanya Tripathi To Avoid Intimate Scenes In Films

Corona virus is going to change the picture of shooting of films after pannedemic. As a precaution during the shoot, the actors are now thinking of abstaining from scenes that have close resemblance to other actors. It started with Telugu film actress Lavanya Tripathi, who is insisting on not having intimate scenes in films.

Shooting of films in the Telugu film industry is going to start soon. According to a report by Deccan Chronicle, Lavanya said that we cannot always wait, so work will have to start in the prescribed framework. There is some hesitation, but the safety of all on the set has to be given priority. I will do all that so that I can protect myself and my staff. Shooting after lockdown will be a completely new experience. We have to follow the government guidelines. Lavanya said that she would avoid doing intimate scenes as much as possible.

Lavanya made her film debut in 2012 with SS Rajamouli’s film Andala Rakshasi. Recently she appeared in the A1 Express film with Sudeep Krishna. Lavanya has also worked in Hindi serials early in her career. Shows like Shashshsh .. Koi Hai, Pyar Ka Bandhan and CID. Lavanya has also done a few Tamil films.

Fourth phase of lockdown is currently going on across the country. The lockdown was announced on 24 March to prevent the spread of the Corona virus and since then shooting of films and serials has been stopped. Now after the fourth lockdown, the process of shooting slowly started to begin. However, it has to follow the prescribed guidelines.

Lockdown has had an impact on all the film industry in the country. Many daily wage workers became unemployed because of this. However, many celebrities also took necessary steps to help him.

In an interview with a digital media company during the lockdown, it was reported that he was also ready for the glamor show. Everything was expected to increase the chances of a grandson. But Sudden changed the voice again

Lavan Tripathi, the heroine of Tollywood’s entry long ago, is well-known as the heroine, but the star image is not well received. With only Homely Characters in Career Startups, this role does not have the opportunity to be a heroine in commercial formula films. This could not achieve the expected image. Recently, however, acting slightly beyond the limits has already caused damage. Zindagi, which is a little glamorous in Intelligent Cinema, is also not a success as the films are not successful.

Knowing the real thing, Beauty recently entertained fans by sharing hot photoshoots on social media. In an interview with a digital media agency during the lockdown, the news was reported that he was also ready to glamorize the show. Everything was expected to increase the chances of a grandson. But Sudden changed the voice again. Lavanya says that she will not even star in romantic scenes if the glamor show is sidelined.

At present there is no condition for a man to touch another man because of corona. Against this backdrop, the debate over how to shoot Intimate Scenes in future films is going on for several days. In this backdrop, Clarity offered Clarity that she would no longer be starring in romantic and intimate scenes. At the same time, Clarity said that she had acted in romantic scenes in A1 Express, which was soon to be released, but that they had been filmed before the arrival of Corona.

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