False is the news of 39 people being positive on the set of 'Wagle Ki Duniya'

The shooting of SAB TV show Wagle Ki Duniya continues. According to a report, there were reports of 39 people being positive on the set of the show. Putting this to rest, the show’s producer JD Majithia and artist Anjan Srivastava have said that neither the shooting of the show has not stopped nor that such a large number of people have become positive.

Majithia said –
When Dainik Bhaskar asked producer JD Majithia, he said that this is fake news – this is completely false news. We have not yet received the test report of many people. However, after taking all the necessary precisions, 8 people from the production team have come positive. The shooting of the show is going on.

Anjan Srivastava said – I am quarantine in the hotel Anjan Srivastava,
73 years old senior actor of the show, got the Corona vaccine done a day before. He told- I am 73 years old, obviously I have to take more precautions. To be honest, I am not aware of 39 people, but according to what I know, 8 people of the production are positive.

Keeping in mind my age, I take a day break after shooting for two days. At the moment I am Quarantine in the hotel. I shot 3 days ago. We have several episodes in the bank, the rest of the cast is shooting.


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