The Supreme Court, while giving a historic verdict, has ordered that the daughter also has equal rights over the father’s property. It has been said in the order that Hindu women will get equal share of brother in father’s property. It is known that in the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act 2005, this has been said in clear terms. But the controversy was about whether if the father died before 2005, then whether those daughters will also get the benefit or not.

Supreme Court’s decision in favor of daughters
Now the Supreme Court has said in the order that even if the father had died before 2005, that daughter would still have full right to get equal share in the property. This decision of the court is being welcomed on all sides. Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar is also very happy with this decision. He expressed his happiness on the tweet on social media.

Farhan reacted

Farhan Akhtar tweeted and says- In a historic judgment, the Supreme Court has also said that daughters are equal partners in the property of the father. Now daughters will also have right to parental property right from birth. This will prove to be a milestone in the fight for equal rights.

Now this is not the first time that Farhan Akhtar has given his views on social issues. They are always active on social media. He has always raised his voice in favor of right and wrong. So this time, when such a big decision came in favor of the daughters of the country, Farhan could not afford to give a reaction. Fans like their sensitivity and style. Everyone is praising the actor’s thinking.

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