The real name of the young man behind the name Carryminati is Ajay Nagar. Carryminati became a most famous name last month, when he started the YouTube vs Tiktok debate. Tiktok recorded his video criticizing Aamir Siddiqui, then YouTube removed it. Today is the birthday of Carryminati alias Ajay Nager.

Happy Birthday Carryminati: Know Top 5 Most Indian Famous Youtubers

Ajay Nager stepped on the 21st. He returned to YouTube last week, with Yalgar rap. He has a lot of fans on the internet, after each of his releases they trend him on social media. Today, even on his birthday, they rolled up their sleeves and went down to trend him, old jokes and memes are going on.

Carryminati video was released last month on YouTube Vs Tiktok The End Video. The video gained the most popularity in the shortest time, millions of people watched it. This is the most watched music video in the whole world. But YouTube blew it up, citing cyberbullying allegations of harassment. But not just fans, other social media and famous YouTubers stand by his side.

  1. Carryminati aka Ajay Nagar is celebrating his 21st birthday today. He has also been ruling the social media for the last few weeks. Through this video, Carryminati has given a befitting reply to the people who trolled in the YouTube vs TikTok controversy. Carryminati has 21.7 million Subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  2. Amit Bhadana – Amit Bhadana has 20.5 million Subscribers on YouTube. The comedian is known for his parody which is like an episode. Amit Bhadana started his YouTube channel in the year 2012.
  3. Ashish Chanchalani – Ashish Chanchlani is one of the funniest YouTubers. His YouTube channel ‘Ashish Chanchalani Vine’ has 18.6 million Subscribers. He is known for making funny videos on trending topics. Recently, he made a video about the lockdown which went viral in no time.
  4. Bhuvan Bam – Bhuvan Bam is today the world’s most famous YouTuber. His channel name is BB Ki Vines. His videos are liked not only in the country but also abroad. He is known for portraying many characters and fun dialogues in various accents. His funny video fans are very much liked. Bhuvan Bam have 18M Youtube Subscribers.
  5. Gaurav Chaudhary – Gaurav Chaudhary’s technical guru has 17.2M Subscribers on YouTube. His channel is going to review digital gadgets in particular. Gaurav gives information and updates related to technology through his channel.

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