New research on refined grain is about to alert. Research says, refined grains such as maida and bread cause heart disease and increase the risk of death by 27 percent. If you include such food in the diet daily, then the risk of heart disease is 33 percent and the risk of stroke is up to 47 percent. This claim has been made by scientists at the University of Canada.

Research done on 1.37 lakh people For
16 years, research results on 1.37 lakh people in the upper and middle income group show that to what extent they cause harm. The grain was divided into three parts for research. Refined grain, whole grain and white rice. Research revealed that white rice and whole grains did not show any harm in people, but the effect of refined grains showed. The risk of death and diseases can be reduced by reducing the amount of refined grains in the diet.

What is a refined grain, why does it harm, which food grains are better for health, know the answers to these questions….

What is a refined grain?
It undergoes a processing to produce the product from the grain. Due to which its fiber and nutrients are exhausted. These products are called refined grains. Such as maida, bread prepared from it, pasta, aided sugar.

Why is it dangerous?
Another research says, after eating these things prepared after processing, nutrients do not reach the body. They are used extensively in preparing different types of dishes worldwide. It is easily digested due to the extremely low fiber in the refined grain. As a result, a person eats more than hunger. Therefore, they work to increase obesity and blood sugar level.

3 things related to food that will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

1. Eat bread mixed with bajara jowar instead of wheat

Instead of wheat bread, eat bread made with millet, jowar or ragi or flour. They are more beneficial for the heart. Eat less sweet fruits like mango, banana, chiku. Instead, eat less sweet fruits like papaya, kiwi, apple, orange.

2. Keep the amount of sugar in the diet low

Do not avoid fried and sweet things completely, but do less. If you have eaten a gulab jamun, then do not eat anything else sweet for at least a week or reduce the amount of sugar in the tea and make up for it.

3. Eat 20 percent less than hunger

Eat 20% less than what you are hungry for. Keep a digital weighing machine at home. Daily check the weight in the morning. If you have more weight than yesterday, then maintain it today, by eating or exercising. Do not leave tomorrow.


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