Whether it is social media or media interviews, veteran writer Javed Akhtar, who has expressed his opinion without any words, recently shared a picture from his Twitter handle. In this picture shared by Javed from his account on Friday, Zoya Akhtar is seen tying a rakhi to her brother Farhan Akhtar. In the caption of the picture, Javed wrote, “Farhan, Zoya and Ek Rakhi.”

On this tweet of Javed Akhtar, a user wrote, “But your family is an atheist. Then where did the belief that after tying a thread of Rakhi the brother protects his sister. This is a Hindu religious bailiff.” In response, Javed wrote, “Rakshabandhan is a beautiful tradition of Indian culture for us.”

Although Javed post anything, he is usually trolled for something or the other. The same happened in this case. Because it has been a few days since Rakshabandhan, another user asked on Javed’s tweet that I remembered very quickly? In response to which Javed Akhtar wrote, “Why do you remain so unhappy son? Try to be happy in life.”

Many similar tweets have been made by users on Javed’s account. A user has asked whether Javed was waiting for August 5 to post a picture of Rakshabandhan. Talking about the picture, Farhan Akhtar, wearing a black t-shirt and bandana, is seen tying Rakhi to Zoya. It is being heavily retweeted.

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