Lootcase Comedy Movie Rasika Dugal Interview New Projects Kunal Kemmu

Lootcase, released recently on Disney Hotstar, was well received by the audience. Actress Rasika Duggal, who is seen in the lead role with Kunal Khemu in the film, shared the happiness of her film Lootcase in a special conversation with Aaj Tak.

In this film I got to learn a lot and learn

Rasika told the film about the love they are getting. Also said that in this film, he has done many things for the first time. Rasika said- Yes, it is true that I got to learn a lot in this film. I did many things for the first time in this film, which I had not done in any film before. I am also happy that in such an atmosphere of lockdown, people are watching our film Lootcase and are happy that this is a big thing for us.

First time comedy

Rasika told that she has worked in a comedy film for the first time. He said- I think the character of Mera Lata in the film Lootcase is different. Because in the role offers that I had before, there was a serious drama. Doing comedy in lootcase for the first time. This is the first time I have done this. For the first time I became a part of a Lipsync Song in a film. Because most films do not have lipsync songs, I did this for the first time in the film Lootcase. It was a great experience for me. I will say that what had not happened in my career till now was completed in this film.

Enjoyed shooting with Kunal Khemu

Regarding working with Kunal, Rasika Duggal said – Kunal has done comic roles in many films even before this film, I think his comic timing is very good. If you see Kunal’s acting in this film too, then you will also be confident of my words. Kunal is a very amazing actor. Kunal has also proved this thing many times. He is very comfortable in the comedy space. I remember I came to Mumbai in 2007 after doing an acting course. Then I saw his film. His name was Superstar in which he played a double role. Then I said that he is a very talented actor. Because it is not so easy to play double role.

Once again, Rasika will prevail from Delhi Crime to Mirzapur

Season 2 of Mirzapur is coming soon. Apart from this, Rasika Duggal is working in some other projects. He told about this – Talking about the new season of Mirzapur, you will get to see more intersting content than before. Because the audience of Mirzapur and we are very loyal to each other. This time you will get to see many new characters, you will get to see the new attitude of the old characters and you will get a lot of entertainment. Speaking of my character, this time Bina Tripathi will also be seen in a new style which has been very popular. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new season of Superhit Mirzapur like an audience.

Rasika Duggal is also working in Delhi Crime 2. He said about it- My character Niti Singh and his idiology in Delhi Crimes 2 reminds me of my college days. I used to be like this. Therefore, this character is very special for me. Apart from this, I am also doing a suitable boy with Meera Nair. I had a dream to work with Meera Ji, which is now fulfilled. We have also completed shooting with great fun, now just waiting for the release. I would like to say thanks to my fans once again for the love that Lootcase is getting.

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