While there is a demand for boycott of Chinese products across the country, it is seen that the center itself has opened an account in the popular Chinese app TikTok. The Modi government has to face a lot of criticism about this. This time MyGovIndia has joined ‘Swadeshi TikTok’. The central government has set foot on this platform to promote Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s self-reliant India campaign.


But which is the ‘Swadeshi TikTok’ app? The Roposo app has come to the stage to give a strong push to the TikTok. Already 50 million users have downloaded the video sharing app from the Google Play Store. The center is also on that list. This step is to be vocal in promoting ‘Vocal for Local’. By sharing various videos on this platform, the public will be encouraged to use indigenous products. The current generation can be reached more through the app. That is why the government has chosen the Roposo app.

MyGov CEO Abhishek Singh said, “The government will connect directly with the citizens of the country through this app. Everyone will take part in the use of indigenous products. Others will also be urged to use the Indian app Roposo. The app will also help promote Covid-19.”

Those who are not yet accustomed to using this platform, or those who are interested in using this app by saying goodbye to TikTok, must be wondering, how to follow the activities of the center here? Very simple. First, download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Now open it and search by typing MyGovIndia. When you find the verified page with blue tick, click Follow option. The center has already created 11 lakh followers. Therefore, the government hopes that the promotion of the self-reliant India campaign will be expanded on this platform.

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