After ‘Gulabo Sitabo’, the film ‘Chaman Bahar’ is released today on Digital Netflix. The film was also made for theatrical release but due to the lockdown the film is reaching the audience through digital medium.

Chaman Bahar

The story of the film is of Billu (Jitendra Kumar), who does not want to do his father’s job in the forest department. He wants to make a name for himself by starting a paan shop. The story of a small city of Chhattisgarh. He rents a shop, but the geographical location of that place changes such that people hardly go there.

In such a situation, how will Billu’s shop Chaman go out? In that deserted place comes out when the family of an engineer comes to live right in front of the shop. He also has a daughter. To see a glimpse of the daughter, the line of Romeos is formed, whether it is the son of an MLA or a businessman and an officer. Due to which Billu’s shop is also running, but the twist comes in the story.

When Billu also joins the line of Romeos. The story takes a different turn as Billu becomes Romeo. This is the story ahead of the film. The film is a story of one-sided love. The film is treated in a very light-hearted and chic style that makes the film’s ordinary story entertaining.

There is not a single dialogue of a female character in the film’s story. She is a school going girl but she is liked by everyone from school teacher to school mates. Boys from all over the city who are much older than her are also in the queue.

It has been introduced as eye candy only. This thing can sting many but this is the reality. It is an accurate depiction of male characters settled in many villages and cities of India, who without knowing the girl’s wishes start treating her as their girlfriend and if they get a rejection in it, then they do not hesitate to call the girl as characterless.

There was a time when pages from notes, Facebook to Twitter and all other social sites were full of Sonam Gupta’s disloyalty. After watching the film, on the issue of women empowerment, those who call the film weak can ask themselves the question why infidelity of a boy was not declared as such. Why only the girl.

The story of Sonam Gupta Bewafa has also been used in the film’s story. Because of the side effects of one-sided love, the troubles of the girl and her family are also mentioned in the last scene of the film in a very brief manner.

Jitendra Kumar has once again been the best. He specializes in capturing the pulse of small town youth. Bhuvan and Dhirendra pair a different color in the film. Their dialogue or chemistry are both excellent. There was nothing special to do for actress Hrithika. The rest of the cast are stuck in their roles. The song is in harmony with the music story. The film’s Chhattisgarhi dialogue makes realistic characters more realistic. Due to the acting of Kulmilakar actors and the realistic treatment of the film, this film can be seen once.

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