Pandit Jasraj Passes Away The music journey of Pandit Jasraj started at the age of three. In those days the record of Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Sahab had come out Piya Bin Nah Awat Chain … There was a gamut in it. Jasraj used to sing the same sargam while walking. Father would often ask him to sing. Generally, the Guru is angry at the mistake made in music, but his father was not angry at his mistakes. He used to laugh. On 30 November 1934, his father was to be appointed composer of the princely state of Hyderabad. He had a program at four in the evening. He breathed his last at 11 am the same day.

At the age of six, Jasraj started going to school. A restaurant used to be on the way to school. There Begum Akhtar’s record ‘Deewana banana hai to deewana bana dee, or kahin takdeer tamasha na bana bana ..’ was played every day. He would not go to school and sit there and listen to him. His elder brother Raja Bhaiya used to go to school every day. He would have avoided. Months passed while doing so. Even at that age, he had such a craze for music that nothing was understood except him. He used to beat the tabla at home just like that.

Seeing this, middle brother Pandit Pratap Narayan started teaching him how to play tabla. He played well despite his young age. Seeing this, his elder brother and guru Pandit Maniram started keeping him in the accompaniment on the tabla, while there was a gap of twenty years between the two brothers. Pandit Maniram was a good singer. At that time, the tired condition of the house was bad. Playing the tabla made a small income. By the age of 14–15 years, he played tabla with his elder brother.

Path of devotion: Jasraj’s uncle Pt Jyotiram was also a great singer. He lived in Ahmedabad. There, the uncle had told the people who were fond of singing that his nephew (Pandit Maniram) sings very well. However his brother’s voice had deteriorated at that time. There was a problem with his vocal cord. The doctor used to shock his throat, then the voice was correct for two hours. There he met Maharaja Jaywant Singh Vaghela of Sanand. One day Raja Saheb said, ‘Pandit ji, today the Mother Goddess will give you a voice. After taking a bath at 12 o’clock, come to the temple. Jasraj was also with him. There was complete preparation for the music. Raja Saheb’s condition was that Pandit Maniram would sing only in the name of God. It was amazing that night. He continued to sing in a clear voice from 12 in the night to six in the morning. That day, Jasraj was interviewed by two gurus. The first is his musician guru and elder brother Pandit Maniram and the second spiritual guru Jaywant Singh,


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