Manikant Mayank, Fatehabad. Pandit Jasraj Passes Away As a Pandit Jasraj, an experimentalist star of classical music suddenly goes to otherworldly … irreparable damage. Silence in ihlok. From his ancestral village Pilimandori in Fatehabad in Haryana to the entire music folk. This wonderful jus of music had hinted at the fearful extermination through the bandh at the Raga court a few years ago. His rest in the three rhythms – strange, your world owner, did not know to go … I was warned by the truth that no one can say when death will come …

Pandit Jasraj’s Bal Sakha Ragadia, Ramchandra Bagadia, Dhaniram Doody and Indraj Doody state that Pandit Jasraj was a theorist. Referring to one incident that day they were together. It was raining heavily. He told them to sleep here. He said – no, if we go home, we said – hold our hand. Panditji said to Tapak, whose hand I hold once… then do not leave. Balraj Sakha of Jasraj says, my Jas ruled the world. Even after becoming a famous figure, we used to remember him.

The rule of music was on the hearts of music lovers: Jasraj gave a new place to classical music in the Mewat Gharana. He shed such a trilogy of classical music with clear vocabulary, melodious notes and rhythms that he was ruled over crores of music lovers. Expert Jasraj gave a new direction to Jugalbandi and composed many different ragas. Musicians also named one of his ragas as Jasrangi.

Enriched classical music: Pandit Jasraj enriched the music with ragas like Kanhara, Charju’s Malhar. Check out the hallmark of the bandhrit, composed in his work collection – Barkha Ritu Aayi, Ritu Aay Saloni Piya. This kind of art and piercing happened all over. Shine Bijuria scares us, Nanan steals sleep. In the three rhythms of the raga Ghulia Malhar, the banish barbas comes down on the tongue.

  • Used to be decorated with voice
  • Begum Akhtar’s school of ghazal had her school rescued
  • Awesome your world boss, don’t know to go ..
  • Married to V Shantaram’s daughter

Pandit Jasraj was married in the year 1962 to Madhura Shantaram, daughter of eminent filmmaker V Shantaram. The son is Sharang Dev and daughter Durga Jasraj, who is a noted TV anchor. Famous musician Jatin-Lalit is his nephew and Sulakshana Pandit and the winning niece.


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