While the pair of Big Boss fame actors Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma made a big splash in the Big Boss house, even after coming out of the house, both of them did the project together. Both the music video “Ring” became quite popular. In a special conversation with Aaj Tak, both of them said that at the moment both are in Chandigarh and there is shooting of their upcoming music videos.

Paras and Mahira gave a hint that both of us are in Chandigarh and there is no plan to come to Mumbai because shooting of our and many music videos is going to start here. Mahira also told that both of them got offers to do the film together. So maybe soon Paras and Mahira can be seen together on the silver screen.

During the shooting of their music video ring, Paras and Mahira remembered Bigg Boss house. They told that when we were shooting this song, our fun and the noise that we had in it made us spend in Bigg Boss house. Missed moments In this music video, we have also used some of our special words called Bigg Boss.

Are neighbors Paras-Mahira?

He told that even in real life, both of us keep running. Mahira told that Paras is my neighbor in Mumbai, meaning we live on the floor above my house, then we both have a lot of fun together and there is also a fun fight between us. That is, good news for the fans of Paras-Mahira is that both of them can appear in the film in addition to the music album soon.


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