Artist:Adil Hussain, Priyanka Bose, Shubham, Shourya Deepthe

director:Prakash Jha

Star : ***1/2

Examination story is that of Bulbul Kumar, a school student who, despite being talented, is looking for better opportunities for himself. But his father Boochi Paswan feeds his family by driving a rickshaw and does not have enough money to provide good education to his smart child. One day Buchi’s luck opens and he gets the money to get his child enrolled in private school. However, this happiness does not last long and in the process of teaching the child, Butchi becomes a thief from a rickshaw driver. However in the end the child’s hard work pays off and he emerges as a school topper.

The entire film depicts the struggle of a parent for their child. At the same time, there is an injury on our education system, in which there are many difficulties to get a good education in front of a talented poor child. Then someone from the same society stands up and plays an important role in carrying out the child’s hard work.

How is the performance in the film?

The story may revolve around the schoolboy Bulbul (Shubham), but its real hero is Buchi (Adil Hussain). In the film, he is portrayed as a poor rickshaw driver. Also, Adil Hussain will appear on the screen trying to make himself successful according to the character. He will appear on the screen as an ordinary man and a good rickshaw driver who does not seat his son in a seat in his own rickshaw as it gives objection to the parents of rich children going in rickshaws.

The role of Radhika (Priyanka Bose) as Bulbul’s mother will also take you into the world of a poor and laboring mother. Which works to feather your child’s flight by shortening one’s own dreams. Apart from this, Shubham, who is playing the role of Bulbul, will also be seen on screen as a calm and gentle student who has full faith in his family’s helplessness and his hard work.

The film is based on the life experiences of former Bihar DGP Abhayanand. This is the reason why this role is played by Sanjay Suri, who has become Ranchi’s SP Kailash Anand in the film. Kailash himself is also very talented and has been the topper of Delhi University. He tells Buchi that a good place can be achieved by teaching a child in a government school as well and he himself is an example of this. He goes to the colony of Bochi Paswan to teach Bulbul and other poor children for free on duty, and asks the parents of rich children to give coaching to their children, saying what lack of resources do you guys have .

Such a film is not a new experience for the film’s director and producer Prakash Jha. From death penalty to kidnapping and gangajal to reservation, he has brought such films on the screen even before. His films have been working on social issues and system challenges before. But this time without any big star, Prakash Jha has made a necessary and meaningful film. The film is released on 6 August on Zee5 and you can see it there.

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