Delhi: Petrol Price 21 February 2021 Update: The general public is suffering due to inflation. The rising prices of crude oil have a bad effect on their pockets. Since the last 12 days, the prices of petrol and diesel have been increasing continuously, due to which the prices of oil are touching the sky. The public is unhappy due to inflation, but there is no relief from the government at the moment.

Petrol expensive for 12th consecutive day
Petrol has increased by 39 paise to Rs 90.58 per liter in Delhi today, which is a new record, petrol has reached Rs 97.00 per liter in Mumbai as well, petrol in Kolkata is being sold today at Rs 91.78 per liter and in Chennai The price of petrol is Rs 92.59 per liter.

Petrol prices in 4 metro cities
City Tomorrow Rate Today Rate
Delhi 90.19 90.58
Mumbai 96.62 97.00
Kolkata 91.41 91.78
Chennai 92.25 92.59

Prices have increased more than 20 times this year
So far, petrol prices have increased more than 20 times in this year. If comparing today’s prices with the prices of the year before, then on 20 February 2020, the rate of petrol in Delhi was Rs 71.89 per liter, that is, petrol has become expensive by Rs 18.69 per liter in the year. The situation is so bad that in many cities of the country the price of petrol has hit a century.

Inflation hit diesel
After petrol, let’s talk about the ever increasing prices of diesel. Diesel in Mumbai is Rs 88.06 per liter, which is the most expensive rate till date. Diesel is priced at Rs 80.97 per liter in Delhi, Rs 84.56 per liter in Kolkata and diesel is Rs 85.98 per liter in Chennai.

Diesel price in 4 metro cities
City Tomorrow Rate Today Rate
80.40 80.97 Mumbai 87.67 88.06
Kolkata 84.19 84.56
Chennai 85.63 85.98

See for yourself the price of petrol diesel in your city
You can also know the price of petrol and diesel through SMS. Indian Oil IOC gives you the facility to write RSP in your mobile and your city code by sending it to number 9224992249. Petrol and diesel rates will come to your city immediately on your mobile. Each city code is different, which IOC gives you on its website

Prices change daily at 6 am
New prices of petrol and diesel are applied daily at 6 am. After adding excise duty, dealer commission and many other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price almost doubles.

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Political disputes over rising oil prices
The Congress is constantly trying to surround the Modi government on the rising prices of petrol and diesel. Congress says that even when crude oil was $ 108 per barrel in 2014, the price of petrol was close to 71 rupees and today when crude oil is below $ 65 a barrel, the price of petrol diesel is breaking daily records. On this, the Congress has planned to launch a country-wide campaign, under which the Congress will demonstrate against the rising inflation.


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