Preity Zinta Cut Husband Hair Video Going Viral On Social Media

Due to Corona virus, lockdown was imposed in the country for a long time. A lockdown where there were many restrictions. But in those times people had made themselves self-sufficient. Bollywood celebs started a different trend of cutting their own hair on social media. Everyone was continuously sharing such videos on social media.

Preity becomes a professional hairdresser?

Now the lockdown is over but the trick of cutting hair itself is still going on. The biggest example of this is actress Preity Zinta who has become a hairdresser for her husband Jean Goodinff. Preity has shared a video on social media. In the video, she is doing her husband’s haircut in a very professional style. Sharing that video, Preeti writes – I know I have a future in hairdressing. My husband has me cut my hair for the second time. This video of Preity Zinta is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This talent of Fans Preeti is quite impressive. At the same time, on the question of a user, Preeti even said that this is her corona talent.

New trend in lockdown

By the way, Anushka Sharma started the trend of cutting hair sitting at home. She gave a new haircut to her husband and Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. After one of his videos, it became such a trend that whether the actor and the leader, everyone not only shaved themselves in the house but also shared the videos on social media.

Preity Zinta’s work front, she has not been seen in Bollywood films for a long time. Although she has worked in many superhit films in her career, but now she is spending quality time at home with her husband.


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