A new guest has arrived in the lives of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. This new guest is nobody else but his new rescue dog panda. Yes, Priyanka Chopra’s family has grown up now and has welcomed more doggie. Priyanka and Nick have shared this news by sharing a photo of Panda on their Instagram account.

New guest arrived in Priyanka-Nick’s family

Priyanka already had two dogs Gino and Diana and now she has adopted Panda. Priyanka shared a photo with Nick and all her dogs, writing- Our new family photo. Panda. We adopted this Chhuku (which will not remain for a long time) a few weeks ago. We do not know exactly but it seems that it is a mixture of Husky and Australian Shepard. Look at their eyes. And ears too !!!

In this photo of Priyanka, her dog Diana looks very strange. Priyanka told about this that Diana was not with her for the photoshoot, so she got Diana’s photo edited for her family photo. In response, Nick Jonas’s elder brother Kevin said in the comments – Diana has got a good edit.

Priyanka Chopra has three dogs. The first is Diana, which Priyanka adopted during the quiz of Bajfeed America. The second German Shepard Dog Gino, whom Priyanka brought as her husband Nick Jonas’ 26th birthday gift. And now Panda, which has been adopted recently. It is believed that Priyanka and Nick have adopted Panda from Hollywood Huskies. This organization works to save the Husky and Mix Breathe’s Husky Dogs. Priyanka has also tagged the organization in her post.

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