Punjabi singer Juggy D accused of cheating on wife, arrested in London for domestic violence: Report

Jagvinder Singh Dhaliwal, a Punjabi singer known as Jaggi D, has been arrested by the London Police. Wife Kiran Sandhu has filed a domestic share case against him. According to reports, Jaggi married British-Indian Kiran 11 years ago and they have three children. It was only on March 5, the 11th anniversary of their marriage. Jaggi also posted on social media to congratulate Kiran.

Had a drug party with girls in Delhi

It is being told that Jaggi had partyed with some girls in a hotel in Delhi, in which drugs and cigarettes were taken. He then arrived in London to celebrate the 11th wedding anniversary with Kiran. As soon as Jaggi reached there, Kiran got his phone and read some messages. Jaggi became enraged by this and started beating Kiran. After this, Kiran called the police for help.

Kiran shares social media’s Jaggi’s chat

Since Jaggi’s phone was in Kiran’s hand, he posted some of his chats on his (Jaggi) social media account. Kiran also got information from the chat that Jaggi was cheating on her. He also came to know that Jaggi and Famous Punjabi Singer Guru Randhawa were having parties with girls and taking drugs.

The post shared by Kiran on Jaggi’s social media account read, “I always take drugs and hire escorts in Delhi and Mumbai. Complain to me in NCB, Delhi Police.” Another post he wrote, “Special video for my brother Guru Randhawa.” The third post had a screenshot of a chat with a man named Guru in India.

Jaggi deleted the post cleaning

However, Jaggi later deleted the post. Also, while clarifying on social media, wrote, “Guru Randhawa and Navjot Singh are not involved in this part of my personal life. They are both respected people and I want to clarify that they are not involved in my wrong deeds in any way . ”

Jaggi has been singing since the age of 14

Jaggi has been singing songs in albums and Bollywood films since he was just 14 years old. He sang ‘You and I’ in the 2004 film Hum Tum along with Veronica Mehta and Rishi Rich. Apart from this, she has given voice in the title song of ‘Dil Mera’ and ‘Mubarakan’ of ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum’.


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