Like every year, this year also Rakesh Bapat will build the idol of Ganapati with his own hands, which he has started. But this time, along with giving shape to Ganpati, he has also given coaching to people digitally. Due to Kovid 19 and maintaining social distancing, Rakesh taught many people to make Ganapati idol.

In a special conversation with Aaj Tak, he said, “Actually a lot of people wanted to learn from me to make the idol of Ganapati. It would have been possible to have been in Mumbai but I am in Pune now. With my family because in this situation here Papa’s It was very important to handle the business. So from here I am helping people as much as I can through online tutorials. We also have an NGO working for the development of Shyamchi Eye Foundation. . ”

Rakesh told, “All the money that comes from this tutorial will go to its funding. If it is drinkable, we have done it on the zoom webinar. Those who booked their slots were given a link. When they If you open the link, I will show you teaching. ”

He said, “To be honest, we (Rakesh and his friends) are not in touch so much because everybody is with their family right now. I have not spoken to Ritwik yet, but I think that Ganesh is also at his home Because we talked about two months ago then we discusd that this time we will not be able to make Ganapati together. I am here in Pune, he is in Mumbai. I think that whoever is there will be safe at home. Ganpati. ”

Rakesh said that in fact, this time Ganpati festival is going to be a very private affair. Earlier we used to go to friends’ house, congratulate each other, take blessings from Ganapati. But all that will not happen right now, because this time Ganapati is going to come only for you and your family only. I feel good somewhere because I will get a chance to spend personal time with them.

He also said, “Everyone’s life has changed because of Kovid 19. I don’t know when life will be back to normal. It should become the habit of this new normal. This situation has to be made normal. Any new If we do Shri Ganesh before working, then we should start good things by doing Shri Ganesh of this situation. I think now that the virus is on the realm of being self mutated, then Ganesha will come and pray that it Everyone gets out as soon as possible and everyone’s life is back to normal. Everybody start doing good work again. “

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