See the justice of nature, the engineering (environment), which Abhishek failed in the environment, he employed 100 youths by running a green shop program. At the same time, by creating a startup company named ‘Garden on Concrete’, he conceived the idea of ​​garden in concrete forest in the cities.

Abhishek started his journey as a gardener in four houses in Benaras and today he has become a successful young entrepreneur selected from IIT-BHU’s Malaviya Innovation Center. Startup director Avishek and assistant director Roopsee Sonkar are successfully putting the notion of optimum use of human waste on Kashi’s ground to reduce pollution. Starting with the ‘Connect with Nature’s Culture’ philosophy, the startup has planted and cared for more than one lakh saplings at various locations. So far, he has converted more than 80 houses into green houses (eco friendly houses) in Benares.

More than 100 young people trained so far

These youths run horticulture programs at BHU under Greenshala, where they train the poor and needy and then employ them as teachers, guides or gardeners in the same profession. Roopsey said that till now more than 100 youth are trained and doing horticulture work. For training, Manisha, Priyanka Karusha, Preeti and Hanipriya have been appointed, who take gardening classes for us at Sunbeam Group of Educational Institutions.

Plants are used to make waste beautiful

Roopsey said that while working on gardening and waste management (gardening and waste management), the waste lying in the house is attractive by painting and plants in it. For this, workshops are organized at Sunbeam Rural School Karsara. Rooftop gardening is done on the roof of more than 15 houses so that people’s health is better and happier. Rupasi said that as part of the heartfelt greenery campaign, a sapling is planted on the occasion of the birthday or anniversary of the people, so that their day can be special and memorable.

Now preparing to increase greenery in Noida

Abhishek said that in Varanasi, by organizing many workshops in apartments, societies and schools on behalf of the institution, people are made aware of the environment. Apart from Banaras, he is doing much better work on this concept of greenery in Noida, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Bihar.

Turning point made to fail

Abhishek originally hails from Jamui Bihar from a very common family. His failing in environmental subjects during engineering from Karnataka became the turning point of his life. While working as a gardener, engineering studies came to fruition and inspired startups to work on the concept of greenery. Rupasi from Varanasi affected by Avishek started working with him after M.Com from Lucknow.

Greenery filled with plants

Abhishek and his team have filled the greenery with plants inside and outside our house. A small garden has been built in front of the house, where it is relaxing to sit with the whole family.

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