The trailer of Alia Bhatt’s film Road 2 has been released. The film which was being trolled since its poster release, the situation seems to be getting worse after the release of the trailer. The film is not only getting negative feedback, but it is also being continuously disliked on YouTube. The situation has become such that the trailer of the film is getting more dislikes than like.

SADAK 2 being disliked

SADAK 2 is being considered as a big film for Alia, being directed by Mahesh Bhatt. He has worked hard on this project with his father. But the ongoing debate about nepotism has put his film in the loop of questions. The situation has become such that people are demanding a film bycott. Now, because Alia is also a star kid, an effort is being made to make her film a flop through a campaign on social media.

Alia getting trolled

Alia Bhatt is also being trolled heavily on social media. A user writes- You have closed your comment section yourself. You do not listen to our thoughts and we will watch your film. How will this work. Other users write- In a short time, the trailer has got so many dislikes. SADAK 2 trailer will become the most disliked trailer, the whole shop of nepotism. Now know that when the poster of the film was released, at that time there was a lot of ruckus about this film. From that time onwards, there was a demand for boycott of the film.

Now that the trailer has been released, the anger of the people has also reached the sky. SADAK 2 is being released on August 28 on Disney Hotstar. Apart from Sanjay Dutt and Alia, Aditya Roy Kapoor is also seen in the film.

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